WordPress websites designed to reflect your brand and appeal to new and prospective customers.

Why WordPress

WordPress is a robust, powerful, easy to use and scalable solution. The perfect choice for business and e-commerce websites alike.

What's the design process?

Think about those websites you use that are easy to navigate with clear links to the pages that you want to find. User Experience is an integral part of website design.

We go to great lengths to discuss your requirements with you and learn about your prospective clients. Together, we’ll create a bespoke website that you and your love.

Design is an iterative process. We work closely with you at all stages to make sure there are no surprises and that you have as much input as you feel you need.

To start with we get to work with some design concepts, including colour options, fonts and layout ideas as well as logo design and rebranding if the project demands it.

From there we start designing a few pages so you can see how the site will shape up. At this point, we have agreed on much of the look and feel, so we are thinking about structure. Website structure is about how users will navigate and use the website.


Website development is putting it all together. We have the design, a new logo and we know how the pages are structured, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

We develop our websites on a secure staging platform. This allows us to work on your website behind closed doors, allowing you to privately follow progress ahead of launch.

Security, caching, SEO, and other optimisations are all essential to make sure that when your site is launched, it’s fast and search engine friendly.

Then we need to consider the legal side of things. A website needs to comply with regulations such as GDPR and we need a compliant cookie policy.

Ongoing support

Just like the physical side of your business, a website needs to be cared for and maintained. To be successful, it needs to evolve with you business and in line with changing technology and design trends. A website is never ‘finished’!

Our WordPress Care Plans take care of hosting your website and all critical maintenance tasks such as updates and backups. Plus, we can offer our time to enhance your website and add new content and functionality.

Let's get started

We’re sure you have a lot of questions. Drop us a line and lets get the ball rolling.

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