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Turn website visits into sales

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Lead Forensics enables you to see existing and prospective new businesses that visit your website.

You can even set triggers when specific activity takes place on your site.

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Marketing insights

See all the details of who has visited your site but not contacted you, including the terms they searched on to find you.

Lead Forensics makes it easy to understand how your marketing is performing.

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You will be assigned your customer success partner to help you maximise your return using Lead Forensics.

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Lead Forensics is an intelligent software package that allows you to see the complete details of companies that have visited your website, giving you the edge when it comes to uncovering new sales opportunities.

The software is easily installed by adding a tracking code to your website that monitors a whole range of information that is unique and exclusively available to your organisation and is entirely GDPR compliant.

You can access the data instantly via your online portal or by integrating it with your CRM platform. You can view and export visitor data, including:

  • company name,
  • web address,
  • location, and
  • telephone number

This information creates a whole new source of business opportunities.

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What is Lead Forensics?

Lead Forensics provides the largest database of business details in the UK & Europe.

These details include business website addresses, primary contact details, industry type, market capital and a ton of other helpful information that will help you filter business opportunities within your sector.

How does Lead Forensics work?

Lead Forensics has collated one of the largest databases of publicly available businesses information on the web.

The system works by adding a small code snippet to your website (much like you would with Google Analytics).

This snippet of code can match businesses visiting your website and compare them against the Lead Forensics database.

Lead Forensics portal page with lead stats

How will Lead Forensics benefit my business?

The Lead Forensics platform will be able to identify the traffic that is relevant to your business. For example, you might be looking for farm shops, high street food outlets and such like with an annual turnover of more than £1m.

From your Lead Forensics dashboard, not only will you be able to filter out relevant businesses, but you will also be able to see how they found your website, how often they have visited and much more.

If you are running PPC (e.g. Google Ads), the Lead Forensics dashboard will provide further insights into how well the Ads perform, which, in turn, will enable you to refine the Ads to improve their return on investment.

What about GDPR?

Lead Forensics only collects publicly listed business information. As such, there are no GDPR concerns.

Get in touch if you want to learn more about how Lead Forensics handles GDPR.

How much does Lead Forensics cost?

The cost of Lead Forensics depends on how much traffic your website receives. Higher volume websites will attract more valuable traffic.

Lead Forensics has a track record of massively beneficial ROI.

How can Webcetera help with Lead Forensics?

Webcetera can offer you a preferred rate with Lead Forensics and an extended free, 2-week trial using actual data. Complete our dedicated Lead Forensics form on this page to get the ball rolling.

What's more, if you don't go ahead with the offer, you get two weeks' data you are free to use.

What are the next steps to start with Lead Forensics?

The whole process is super simple:

  1. You get in touch by either calling us or completing the quick enquiry form on this page, and we will provide a small snippet of code to add to your website.
  2. With the code added (we can assist here), you gather valuable business data and leave this running for a few weeks.
  3. We then arrange a one-to-one call with a Lead Forensics specialist to run you through the Lead Forensics Dashboard. They will show you the businesses viewing your website and how to understand and act on the value of this lead data.
  4. Lead Forensics will then offer you a quote for the use of their system. This includes an account manager who is always on hand to support you and maximise the leads coming in.

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