Website care plans

Fully managed website care plans, including hosting and priority support agreements

We create bespoke Fully Managed Care Plans to fit your requirements. We have many customers running their WordPress websites on our Managed Hosting Care Plan and many others who require ad-hoc support that they trust will be dealt with promptly and professionally.

We offer a range of valuable services from website hosting to website security and maintenance to support SLAs. The goal is to free your time trusting that your website is running smoothly with no hassles.

Content Management

We see many sites with a lot of content added—badly. The words are fine, but they are hard to read for various reasons. Perhaps images are added that slow the page down and don't adhere to even the most basic SEO and Accessibility guidelines.

As well as this, without due care, websites can become hard to use and content hard to find.

We look after all of this using our expertise in SEO, Accessibility and pretty much all things website content.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Our Managed WordPress Hosting Care Plan offers fantastic value. It provides lots of server space for even a large website,  SSL certificate, so visitors see a padlock in the URL denoting your website traffic is encrypted, software updates, firewalls and malware monitoring, daily backups and more.

In a nutshell, you can trust that your WordPress website is running safe and sound.

Priority support for everything

Each business has different needs when it comes to looking after its website. Some companies have an in-house team that requires minimal support levels, and others benefit from more regular support.

We offer a Support Care Plan that works by pre-purchasing a fixed amount of time. The advantage to you is that if we only take 5 minutes to make a minor change, we only deduct 5 minutes from the purchased hours.

Another advantage is that you can feel free to contact us and ask us to help without wondering about the costs or dealing with lots of small invoices.

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