Webcetera provide professional blogging services

Blog and Copywriting

  • Cornerstone Blog Posts Posts of 2,000 words or more
  • Standard Blog Posts Posts with around 500 words
  • Strategy Plans implemented to gain maximum exposure
  • Optimised Written and added with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind
  • Social Make it easy to shout about your new post on Social Media

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Here’s how it works:

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Step 1

We talk to you

Our expert team will talk with you to understand your unique business goals so we can create the perfect content to reach your target audience.

Step 2

We get writing

We create your blog posts, making sure that they are SEO-friendly, reader-friendly, easy to understand and free from superfluous jargon and overly aggressive sales-speak.

By focusing on your goals and requirements, we partner with you every step of the way to create content that positions you and your business in the best possible light.

Webcetera provide professional blog writing services
What we do

Step 3

We hit publish

We will ensure that your blog posts perform optimally and get you the results you want.

Our expertise can help improve your ‘organic’ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), get your blogs indexed and listed on Google, and attract potential new customers.

Step 4

We Review

Even after we’ve hit that publish button, we’re still here behind the scenes, working hard to make your blog posts perform at their best.

By reviewing your blog posts regularly and using advanced analytics, we can track how well your content is performing and make minor changes if necessary.

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Interested? Let us know which package you require to start the ball rolling.

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What is a "Cornerstone" blog post?

A cornerstone article is a term used to describe a blog post that is usually quite long and in-depth (also known as evergreen content) and designed to be a key post to attract search traffic.

What is a "Standard" blog post?

Standard post is usually much shorter in length and written to quickly get a point across. 


Linking your shorter “quick read” posts to longer posts containing much more detail allows you to keep a short post, well, short. At the same time it allows your site visitor to click the link to the in-depth post if they want to find out more.

This internal linking also benefits your SEO efforts because Google and other search engines can follow your links and get to know more about your website, products and services.

This is a proven strategy that will get you climbing those all-important Google rankings.