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We’re a website design and development company, based in Scunthorpe. But what does “design & development” mean? What exactly do we do?

Whilst the terms are used interchangeably, there is a distinction between website design and website development

Design is the look and feel, the branding, images and iconography. Ultimately this is what the website will look like.

Development is the process of putting the design into a format that can be viewed as a website on your computer or mobile device. 

We generally consider “development” as everything (from the design stage, through to a completed website that is live on the internet), but many people talk about this as “design”. 

So, if you were to approach us to work with you on your website, how would this go? 

How does Webcetera approach website design & development?

If we get an enquiry from a prospective customer, the first thing we do is ask questions. Experience tells us each business has very different and unique requirements and we’d encourage you to pop over to our office, or arrange a Video Conference so that we can get to know you and your requirements much better.. 

From those discussions we put a proposal together. This details all of the things we’ve learned and the most effective approach to create your new (or, more often than not, update an existing) website. This would outline the scope of the work as well as the deliverables and investment (investment not cost, the goal of any website is to provide value and address a business requirement).

Have a look at our Plan, Design, BuildMaintain pages.


First comes the design. Let’s be clear, the design element of any project can have a significant impact on the project investment. All of our designs focus on Search Engine Optimisation and Accessibility.

You might require a new logo, photography, a full rebrand and have many different pages all requiring multiple design options and revisions with follow up discussion and consultancy. Or, you might already have some design ideas for a simple two or three page site.

The initial discussions will provide us with a good idea of what is required and we will detail this in the proposal.


Next comes the development. We know what the website will look like once it’s complete, and what it needs to achieve (sales, leads, brand awareness and so on) but now we need to start building the website.

As well as the code and working on the necessary functionality such as contact forms, hooking up to services like MailChimp we also need to set up the appropriate hosting so that the website can be viewed on the internet.

During the course of development we will provide you access to what we call a “staging” website. From here you can follow progress and we can use this as part of the regular update meetings we will have as the project progresses.

Launch & Handover

Once your website is finished, you have signed everything off we need to get it launched. We plan a date and time with you to make sure you have made your customers aware and put any measures in place in case this change will have an impact on your business.

If there is any training required—perhaps you want to be able to make website changes internally, or post your own blog posts—we provide this at a convenient time for you.

Maintenance & Support

And once your website is launched, we are there to support you. Not only if there are any edits or tweaks required immediately after the launch, but for the long term too. Have a look at our Care Plans.

We always say a website is never finished.

How much does website development cost?

How much does all of this cost?

This is something we always get asked, and it’s very hard to answer. 

How much does a new car cost? This is a good analogy as you know that come what may, it’s a significant investment but that a small Toyota Aygo is going to cost far less than and be much cheaper to run and maintain than, say, a BMW M5.

Back to websites, it’s important to think about the value it will provide in return for your investment.

What we can assure you is that we will always provide you with good value for your money. Have a read of our Google reviews to find out what others think about working with us.

Any questions?

Clearly, there’s a lot that happens as we design and develop your website and we’ve discussed the top level points. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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