A new look Webcetera

January 6, 2023
Steve Turnbull
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The new-look Webcetera website

A new website, logo and a revised brand

We have a new website. Well, it’s much more than a new website. We’ve refined our brand and put better marketing strategies in place for 2023. During the course of all of this, we’ve met and worked with some fantastic people. 

So what’s all this about? As our business grows we need to make sure our brand better reflects what we do, the quality of our work and how we support our customers. This isn’t a from-the-ground-up re-brand; the brand has evolved to better reflect who we are and the customers we serve. 

As well as a new-look website, we have an updated logo, new favicon & brand marks, business cards, and there is still more to come.

The website

Probably the biggest change is our website. This is central to everything we do and is a critical part of our marketing and lead generation. Our previous website didn’t really reflect the quality of work we provide for others.

The website has been completely redesigned. We have a new brand guideline, which includes a writing style guide, colourways to make sure we have a consistent presence across the wider web.

Here’s a comparison of the old and new look website, logo and favicon:

A comparison view of the old and new look Webcetera websites, logos and favicons


We have gone to great lengths to adhere to accessibility standards, which is something we are passionate about. Not only does this provide better SEO (Search Engine Optimisation—get your website to appear high up in Google). 

Unless you are a government body, there is no legal requirement to provide an accessible website, but that’s not to say that won’t change in the future, and anyway, it’s just the right thing to do.

Accessibility tools in action during the development of the new-look Webcetera website
We use accessibility tools during development

If you would like to know more about accessible websites, have a look at the W3C website and if you are interested to know how accessible your website is, you can run an accessibility check via the Wave website.

We’ve aimed to meet the WCAG 2.1 standard across our website. Not all pages are 100% there yet, but we will be constantly working to address that. The important thing is, we’re trying.


In the world of SEO, the phrase “Content is King” stands stronger than ever. And, as Google (and other search engines…) continues to update, tweak and improve its search algorithms, the words on your pages need reviewing. So do ours. So we worked hard to review and rewrite much of the content on our own website. 

But that doesn’t mean the technical side of SEO isn’t also critical. It is.  (it’s a big subject, but think fast loading, easy to use web pages that work as well on a mobile as they do a desktop computer)

We are constantly running pages through products and services such as Screaming Frog, GT Metrix and the Chrome Inspector tool. If you make an edit to any part of your website, no matter how small, it needs to be checked via all of these tools at a bare minimum.

Our new website is fast, secure, easy to maintain and a breeze to add/edit content. 

User Experience (aka UX)

We wanted the new website to be easy for visitors to use. Understanding what we do, how we do it and the level of quality needs to be clear from the off. So, we went to great lengths to fill in some fundamental flaws in the old website.

But this is a new website. Have we got this right? Time and feedback will tell, and we will strive to continually improve on this as we learn more about how our website is getting used. 

We want our website to be a source of new work, so this continual improvement is critical. Like we discuss with all of our prospective clients, when we launch a new website, “a website is never finished”. 

Just as we will be doing with our own website–adding new content, acting on feedback, keeping up with new standards and best-practices–is how we want to work with you. A long-term relationship to support you with your website, long term.

The Logo & “everything websites”

Our old logo has been much improved. Our amazing brand expert and lead designer, Andy (Andrew Hill Creative), has created a new-look logo that doesn’t detract massively from the old logo, but is much more focused on the new brand. 

The new Webcetera logo was released in December 2022
The new Webcetera logo

The new Webcetera logo and how it is to be used
The new Webcetera logo spacing and usage

The “ce” part of the logo forms an infinity symbol, which is a new theme running through the website and other web platforms. It reflects our name, Webcetera, which is derived from “The web, et cetera”. In other words, we are much more than just the website. We support your long-term efforts to market your business via your website as a lead or sales generator, so SEO, UX and Accessibility are just a few of the “et cetera’s”. 

Following the logo, a new strap-line: “everything websites”. We specialise in website design and development, accessibility, SEO and UX. We become a partner with customers to support their  websites. We’re a website agency, not a marketing agency or social media management company. We focus on what we know and what we can do well.


Webcetera was born in 2015 and over that time technology has moved on, techy best practices are more nuanced and refined, and we’ve grown as a company. Over this time, we have had a few website iterations but this time we needed to do more. We talk about the value that a quality website can provide prospective clients, so it’s imperative we do this ourselves. 

By addressing our own website project in the way we would for clients, we can talk more confidently about the process as a whole in meetings and we hope to make a good impression for those that do a bit of background research on us before picking up the phone.

So, we considered the wider Webcetera brand, where we wanted to position ourselves and what our ideal clients might look like. Let’s impress them.

We also knew that our brand wasn’t consistent across all platforms, such as the icons and banners we used across the website, social media and other communication platforms such as email.

These discussions led to the new look logo, website and icons, as well as design and copywriting brand guides.

If you like the look of the new website and branding and want to discuss how we can help you then don't hesitate to get in touch today. We have an easy contact form, or just give us a call on 01724 410480.

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