Will Dropbox Plus meet GDPR requirements?

February 14, 2021
Steve Turnbull
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I wanted a simple answer to a simple question: will Dropbox Plus meet GDPR requirements by May 25 2018?

There’s plenty of information about Dropbox’s plans for GDPR. Much of which mention their Business plans and GDPR, but there’s little that specifies the Dropbox Plus plan.

Dropbox and the GDPR

EDIT 15 December 2019: This post receives a lot of traffic. I think GDPR has become pretty well understood and accepted by now, so it's strange that this question is getting asked so much. If you're reading this and have anything to add, please get in touch. If you land here and want help with your website, please have a look at what we do.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is upon us. It comes into force on the 25th May 2018 – only a few days away, as of writing. One thing that has concerned me is Dropbox and GDPR.

Dropbox is our cloud storage service of choice here at Webcetera, so we wanted to know how it would fit with our own GDPR roadmap. I did some digging.

There are four packages: Basic (free), Plus, Professional & Business.

Like most of the cloud storage big players, Dropbox has put a lot of work into GDPR. But they haven’t been very specific about how GDPR affects their various individual packages, specifically, does the Basic version get treated differently to the Pro version?

Getting answers

All of the literature and blog posts have stated that they will “meet the requirements of the GDPR by May 25”, so all looks well. However, they infer that this is in relation to the Business package.

Nothing stated specifically that the Standard & Plus plans (both seen as consumer packages) will be GDPR-ready. So, I contacted them over and over via my Plus account support channel and via Twitter.

Each time, I got a similar response and a link to their GDPR page (which I’d read a number of times looking for clues)

Then I got this email from them:

Thank you for reaching out about this.

Dropbox will meet the requirements of the GDPR by May 25, 2018, as required across all its services, including Dropbox Basic, Plus, Professional, and Business.

You can read about our GDPR preparation, as well as our approach to safeguarding your data at our GDPR guidance center:https://www.dropbox.com/security/GDPR

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else!

At last. clarity that all of their packages, including Basic and Plus will meet the requirements of the GDPR by the 25th May.

I can now rest easy at night…

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