Get new B2B leads from your website using Lead Forensics

February 7, 2023
Steve Turnbull
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Get new business leads from your website using Lead Forensic

If you’re a B2B company, your website is an important part of your lead generating toolkit. And changes are you are investing time and even money getting traffic to your site via channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

However, who’s to say the ideal prospect who is viewing your website will actually get in touch after their site visit? Clearly they are interested in what you offer—they made the effort to find your site and have a look around—but they don’t necessarily get in touch.

By using Lead Forensics, it is possible to filter out the “business” traffic that is visiting your website, from the more general “consumer “ traffic, and have a dashboard with all of the details you require to easily reach out to what are, in reality, warm leads

Lead Forensics holds one of the worlds largest databases of business information, providing you with all of the important information that you will need to better understand if the visiting businesses are a good fit for your service or product. 

All the information is publicly available, such as business size, turnover, management personnel and contact information, and collated in one centralised database. Importantly, it’s all GDPR compliant, there is no personally identifiable information being used here, just business information.

How can Lead Forensics help your current marketing strategy?

Let's say you’re running a paid marketing campaign such as Google Ads. The Lead Forensics dashboard can differentiate this from the organic traffic to your website, providing a host of useful information to help you maximise the success of your campaign. 

Likewise for those businesses who find your website via a Google search. You are able to better understand how well your SEO work is performing.

Perhaps an existing customer who hasn’t ordered from you for a while is back in the market for supplies and is looking around. You can set an alert in your Lead Forensics dashboard, giving your sales team the heads up. 

Graphic showing the Lead Forensic dashboard with a section zoomed in
You can set an alert in your Lead Forensics dashboard

Perhaps you are a producer of foods looking to engage with small businesses such as market traders, farm shops or convenience stores. If your SEO and marketing campaigns are pointing the right people to your website, Lead Forensics will provide you with all of the necessary business and contact details for your sales team to reach out to them.

The importance of good SEO

We talk a lot more about the importance of good SEO in various other pages and posts on our website, but hopefully  the importance of Search Engine Optimised websites is clear. Lead Forensics provides the perfect platform to help you get the most from this organic traffic.

SEO is a fundamental part of web development and central to how we build our websites, right from the outset. 

If your website is already up and running, but you would like to know more about how it can be further optimised, we can help there too. 

From revised content writing to optimised images to general website structure and the techie stuff that goes on behind the scenes, all of this will help your SEO and, in turn, inform lead generators like Lead Forensics..

Final thoughts

What do you require from your website? What is its purpose and how can it be used to maximise the investment you have put into it? If attracting new B2B clients is important to your business plans then Lead Forensics is the perfect fit for you. 

We’ll add the necessary code to your website so that Lead Forensics is tracking website visits, and we can arrange for you to get a couple of free weeks with this installed. 

Once a sample of data is collected, a Lead Forensics specialist will walk you through the dashboard, using real data you have collected about businesses visiting your website, to demo how this can be used to drive new sales.

It will quickly become clear if Lead Forensics is a good fit for your business. If it is, that’s amazing and you can negotiate terms, if not, you have two weeks worth of data you can use however you see fit.

If you would like to learn more about how we can get you set up with a no obligation, free trial and ultimately favourable rates with Lead Forensics, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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