How to use Medium to help your blog reach more people

February 14, 2021
Steve Turnbull
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What is Medium

Medium is a website for writers and readers alike. Well, in the context of this article it is. It’s a hugely popular platform that enables you to put down your thoughts and opinions about pretty much anything under the sun.

Hear directly from the people who know it best. From tech to politics to creativity and more — whatever your interest, we’ve got you covered.

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How can using Medium help my personal website blog reach?

Search Engine Optimisation is a means of optimising your website so that it shows as high as possible in the search results page.

One of the most important factors about SEO is content; what you write about. Search Engines (think ‘Google’) want to provide their searcher with high quality results.

It's important not to duplicate content - either on your own website and definitely not by copying content from another website and claiming it as your own, running the risk of being negitively ranked by Google.

Medium allows you to upload your work to their platform directly from your own blog without the risk of this being seen as duplicate content by Google.

Medium use a system that says to Google (and other search engines) that you own this content and that your website is the authoritative website.

This is great because Medium is a seriously high authority website. The result is that your masterpiece blog that you host on your website, can only benefit from being uploaded to Medium.

How to submit your blog post to Medium

Medium provides an official tool to upload your blog post to your Medium account.

Once you have published your blog, head over to (you must be signed into your account) and enter the link to your post. Medium does the rest. It imports the post and allows you to edit it before it’s published.

At the same time, it adds the background setting so that the search engines know your website is the originating website.

The result is no risk of being penalised for duplicated content and the big bonus of soaking up all that lovely link juice provided by Mediums high authority status.

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