How to write a good product description for your e-commerce website

How to write a good product description

I’ll provide some context before I explain how to write a good product description for your e-commerce website.

Writing for the web is different than writing for a magazine or newspaper. Generally, people use the web differently. Information overload is problematic and too much to digest.

As a result, people tend to skim read what they see on the web. They see a headline and if it grabs them, they may read further.

The headline must, therefore, be well thought out and say as much as possible in as few words as possible.

The same goes for the content that follows. A headline might be a subject that the reader already knows a little about, so they will skim read the rest of the article looking for something new.

To that end, it’s considered good practice to write in short paragraphs and in an active voice (in other words, don’t waffle – get to the point)

The same could be said of how you structure your product descriptions for your e-commerce website.

So, how to write a good product description

A snappy product title will grab the viewer and make it stand out so try and think of something that clearly describes the product in as few words as possible.

A title is usually followed by a description. Try and keep this to the point and easy to read without too much embellishment. A long paragraph with information hidden within a mound of reasoning and niceties will only encourage the viewer to move on.

So keep it to the point.

If there is a lot of necessary information for your product, break it out into sections with individual headers. Or better still, into tabs (tabs like ‘Description’, ‘Details’ & ‘Size’ in the image below).

Using tabs to help keep things clear when you write your product description

Use bullet points. Bullet points help visually and also encourage you to write short sentences. For example:

  • Colour: White
  • Material: 100% cotton

WritingThis beautiful design is available in white and is made from 100% cotton. is fine, but it asks more of the viewer as they try to get the information they want.

Don’t use other website descriptions

Another common mistake when writing product descriptions is to simply copy & paste the product description provided by your supplier

Often these can descriptions are VERY poorly written with poor grammar and misleading, contradictory information. Many suppliers from China use product descriptions that not only contain bad grammar but misleading information.

So make sure your product description is unique to you, written with good grammar and spelling.

I’m sure there are many more do’s & do nots when writing product descriptions. What are your thoughts?

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