Managed Hosting Solutions

Managed Hosting Solutions

  • Fast optimised servers
  • Secure with anti-virus and malware protection out of the box
  • Backups which are stored safely off-site and, optionally, on your own Dropbox or Google accounts
  • Update your website, keeping it running smoothly and secure
  • Staging/development site to test changes before the live website is edited
Website Managed Hosting by Webcetera UK Ltd

Webcetera Hosting

Every website needs a home to connect it to the World Wide Web. Make sure your hosting is secure and hassle-free by leaving it in the hands of the experts. Our Managed Hosting takes care of all the legwork for you.

What is website hosting?

A website needs a home; somewhere that will help deliver your digital presence to your site visitors. Our managed hosting solutions make sure your site backed up, reviewed weekly and remains looked after, saving you time and guaranteeing peace of mind!

Using Webcetera, your websites will be hosted in the UK on fast, optimised servers. We also use green cloud hosting in a datacentre that uses 100% renewable/clean energy!

It's more than just a website

From startups to corporate websites; from brand awareness to getting leads