Will Dropbox Plus meet GDPR requirements

I wanted a simple answer to a simple question: will Dropbox Plus meet GDPR requirements by May 25 2018?

There’s plenty of information about Dropbox’s plans for GDPR. Much of which mentions their Business plans and GDPR, but there’s little that specifies the Dropbox Plus plan.

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WordPress Change the default WordPress admin username

In this, the first in  series of WordPress security quick tips, we discuss why you should change the default WordPress admin username.

Depending on  how you installed WordPress, the chances are you have a default user called ‘Admin’. Often people stick with this because it’s easy to remember and they don’t realise the importance of changing it.

One of my customers contacted me recently asking why Wordfence was reporting attempted logins by a user called ‘admin’. It was quite disconcerting for her, but I was able to reassure her this was normal and that’s why I provided her a username she doesn’t like!

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What is HTTPS and why your website should be using it

Why your website should be using HTTPS

HTTPS stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure”.

A website running over the HTTPS protocol encrypts traffic between the visitor’s browser and the web server running the website.

To run your website over HTTPS, an SLL Certificate from a recognised Certificate Authority needs to be installed on your web server.

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