WordPress 5 will use the Gutenberg editor

Winter, err, Gutenberg is coming

If you’ve been using WordPress to write your blog posts, things will soon be changing. WordPress is, as of writing, in version 4.9.8. The number convention used by tech folk is important because the first digit denotes a major release. WordPress 5 is just around the corner and it is a major release! It’s been called the ‘Gutenberg’ release.

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Why you need to change your password - Webcetera Blog

As someone who has a keen interest in online security and runs a business that needs to take security very seriously, topics like password security are kinda second nature to me.

I understand the need for strong passwords and how to manage them. But it remains the case that I’m not in the majority.

So, here are some straightforward facts and snippets of advice to, hopefully, help you a) appreciate the need for strong passwords and b) do something about it.

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Webcetera is a website development company

Two Years and counting… We’ve been in business for two years now. In that time we’ve formed a company — Webcetera — found new customers and invested in both technology and continued learning and improvement. However, a couple of months ago I met up with some old colleagues and they asked how it was going. […]

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is about doing what you can so that your website is listed as high as possible in the organic search engine results pages.

Organic results are search results that appear without paid advertising. They are there on their own merit!

Your website should adheres to good practices as laid out by the major search engines, in particular Google, who have even provided a guide on the subject.

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