Webcetera operations during the Coronavirus epidemic

Webcetera operations during the Coronavirus epidemic 1500

Update – 26 March

Our offices are now shut for meetings. We continue to offer all services as normal, only we are working from home. We have all the various communication tools to keep things running smoothly — Skype, WhatApp, Hangouts etc. so are able to run audio and video meetings.

Our telephone is operating as normal using the same number so if you need to call, please do.

Keep safe,

As the Coronavirus epidemic spreads our first thoughts are with individuals and families who are having to cope in uncertain times. We hope you are keeping healthy but if you or your loved ones are ill, our sincere best wishes.

The impact of the virus is impacting business operations across the world. As a small business ourselves, we feel your pain.

For us, it’s business as usual. We’re actively working on new projects and continuing to support our existing customer base as normal.

For the time being, we are working at the Webcetera offices, but over the coming weeks, it’s increasingly likely that we will be required to work from home. In that respect, we’re in a fortunate position, we have laptops, monitors and high-speed internet at home and office.

We use IP telephony, so our landline number will remain operable no matter where we are situated.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. We’ll keep this page updated if/as circumstances change.



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