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Webcetera is a website development company

Two Years and counting...

We’ve been in business for two years now. In that time we’ve formed a company — Webcetera — found new customers and invested in both technology and continued learning and improvement.However, a couple of months ago I met up with some old colleagues and they asked how it was going. “OK”, I said, “happy that things are picking up and new leads are coming in”.They then asked: “But what exactly is it you do?”

Q: What exactly does Webcetera do?A: Webcetera is a Website Development Company — we build websites (and so much more).

This was a little worrying. “Web development”, I said “…and website management and e-commerce and social media and Facebook ads”. This confused them a little and required further explanation.Clearly, what we do isn’t, well, clear.So I’ve decided that to mark the two-year anniversary of Webcetera with a goal for the coming year (2018):Invest time (re)focusing the company and making sure that what we do and the services we offer are clear; to make sure potential customers know what to expect from us.The website is getting a facelift as I type...

We do more than just build websites.

The core services we offer are things that piece together to form a whole website building service:

  • Hosting — a website needs to have a place to live; a secure, fast and reliable server-space
  • Development — advising the customer, project management and the building the website itself
  • Management — once you have a website it needs tending to, just like any other business only this is in the virtual world
  • eCommerce — this is more the ’type’ of website that gets built. A ’standard’ website is one that might showcase a businesses services and provide a means of information and contact, whereas an ‘e-commerce’ website enables website visitors the ability to securely purchase goods. At the heart of our e-commerce websites is a system called Shopify — we're a Shopify Partner
  • Logo Design & brand — if you’re a new business or simply want a brand ‘refresh’, we can design your logo for you.

Other things we offer are means of promoting your website and brand. Social Media Management and Paid Advertising are great ways to sell and shout out about your brand, products and services. We usually package these into the wider offering from the outset and plan for specialists to take on this work.

We’re moving

As well as trying to make sure Webcetera offers a clear focus, we’re also moving into new offices in the heart of Brigg.The move means we’ll be working alongside Knapton Write — Social Media Management guru’s — so hopefully that will lend a little bit more exposure our way and visa-versa.UPDATE: We're now moved in: 9a Market Place, Brigg, North Lincs. If you're in the area pop in for a coffee...

Any questions

Hopefully, this helps clarify the question of what Webcetera does. We provide the whole package and we're not just here to build a website, hand it over and move on. We want to build long term relationships based on a quality of both service and product.If there’s anything we can do to help you to build a new website, refresh or manage an existing website or simply offer some helpful advice, drop us a line and we’ll do our very best to help.

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