Webcetera is a website development company

Webcetera is a website development company

Two Years and counting…

We’ve been in business for two years now. In that time we’ve formed a company — Webcetera — found new customers and invested in both technology and continued learning and improvement.

However, a couple of months ago I met up with some old colleagues and they asked how it was going. “OK”, I said, “happy that things are picking up and new leads are coming in”.

They then asked: “But what exactly is it you do?”

Q: What exactly does Webcetera do?

A: Webcetera is a Website Development Company — we build websites (and so much more).

This was a little worrying. “Web development”, I said “…and website management and e-commerce and social media and Facebook ads”. This confused them a little and required further explanation.

Clearly, what we do isn’t, well, clear.

So I’ve decided that to mark the two-year anniversary of Webcetera with a goal for the coming year (2018):

Invest time (re)focusing the company and making sure that what we do and the services we offer are clear; to make sure potential customers know what to expect from us.

The website is getting a facelift as I type…

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